Hi! Welcome to Sher Speaks. My name is Sherri and I am a forty-something wife and mother from Canada. I am originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I absolutely love the beach. Something about the sounds of the waves gently lapping on the shore brings me so much joy. Ironically, I can’t swim but that doesn’t stop me from seeking proximity to water whenever I can. 

Why I Chose to Start This Blog

Ever since my childhood, people have told me things like “you are very wise”, “you give really good advice”, “you are a good listener”. More recently a friend told me “you should become a life coach”. I have always been the friend to whom everyone goes for advice. Many people find it exhausting to be constantly fielding the calls and hearing the problems. However, I have always found joy in being able to help others. It makes me happy to offer some advice or an encouraging word that helps to alleviate someone’s pain in some small way. Full disclosure, I am not a trained psychologist nor am I a life coach. Instead, who I am is a believer in God who has been gifted with discernment and an ability to connect heart to heart with people.

What This Blog is About

This blog is a collection of my many musings about life over the years. It is geared towards young people, who are juggling life’s many responsibilities while trying to figure it out and probably feeling overwhelmed much of the time. I want to reassure you that you are not alone. I’m here to offer you some encouragement through honest words; no sugarcoating. My aim is not to lecture/ preach to you but rather to inspire, empower and challenge you to think about things in a different way.

I hope that this will become a safe space for sharing and interacting – a judgement-free zone. My aim is to encourage and motivate, with observations and anecdotes that I have collected over the years. If you would like to become a part of this community, all I ask is that you come with an open mind. Please leave any hate, disrespect or negativity behind. My desire is to have real conversation about real issues that affect us all. This should be a place of encouragement and inspiration.

A Little More About Me

I pride myself on being someone of integrity and I would describe myself as a realist. Also, I can be brutally honest at times, but my intentions are good. My BFFs teasingly refer to me as “Benjamin” as they say that I remind them of the cynical donkey from one of my favourite books, Animal Farm by George Orwell. This is because I am not easily impressed and tend to view things with skepticism.

I am an introvert by nature, with occasional extroverted moments. I have always been an extremely private person, so this is completely out of my comfort zone and extremely terrifying. However, I once read that discomfort is a sign that you are growing. So, let’s grow together.

Welcome again and I hope you will make this a regular stop on your journeys across the internet. 

Let’s talk.