challenge yourself

Challenge Yourself

Today, I am here to challenge you to challenge yourself. Do something you don’t ordinarily do and aren’t not great at.

We are all uniquely gifted, with various abilities at which we excel. No two people are identically gifted. Even if you have the same abilities as another person, your different personalities will result in those skills being used and showcased differently. There is only one you and though others may try to imitate you, they can never be you.

We utilize our gifts and talents daily and as a result, we become better at them. But what about the things at which we don’t necessarily excel? We tend to avoid those things that we aren’t good at. Yet, the only way we can improve at something is if we practise to do it. So, what if, instead of shying away from our lesser abilities, we kept on trying and worked on them? We may never become experts but we would most certainly become better at them. They say it takes approximately 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in something. You don’t need to spend that much time, but a few hours here and there would do wonders. It’s natural to avoid doing things we aren’t great at. However, instead of running away in fear, what if we leaned into it and did it anyway?

challenge yourself

Recently, I was having a discussion with one of my mentors. He expressed a desire to be a better writer and I shared that I wished I could draw. That discussion led me to propose a challenge to him. We would each challenge ourselves and prepare something that the other one would review. He has to write a 500 word article that I will read and I will draw something that he will review.

Now, if you know me at all, you know that drawing is NOT my thing. I can draw stick people and things with straight lines. That is the extent of my artistic ability. So, I searched for something that I could draw. I found a painting of a bowl of fruit and I decided that I would draw that. Now, I know it will look nothing like the original, but I will do my best. I will be proud of myself no matter how it turns out.

The same goes for you as well. When you challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and try something outside of your wheelhouse, be proud of whatever you do. It may not be perfect or even remotely close, but you made an effort. That counts for a lot. Every time you challenge yourself and do something that you are not 100% comfortable with, you are growing. Here’s to growth! Cheers.



December 5, 2021 at 8:28 pm

I’m challenging myself to finish five more books by end of 2022

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