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The Dream Car: A Vision Board Testimony

In a previous post, I discussed starting a vision board. This is my vision board story. When I was 10 years old, my uncle came to visit one day driving a brand-new car. Something about the sleek design of the chassis, the shiny black paint reflecting in the sun and the roar of the engine resonated with me. I fell in love immediately! I decided then and there that one day, when I was older, I too would have a car just like that. From that day on, I had a “dream car”. Every time I saw a car like that, I would tell myself that one day I would have one too. As I grew up, I probably told every person I knew that one day, I would buy that dream car. It was so real to me; I could see it clearly in my mind.

Fast forward thirty years and I still had not purchased that dream car. At this point reality began to set in and the realist in me decided that the dream would never materialize. I told myself that I needed to give up on it. I told my husband that I was going to give up on that dream because it was clearly out of reach. He said, “No way. Why would you give up on your dream? You will get your car”. Naturally skeptical, I asked him, “Do you have a stash of cash someplace that I don’t know about?” He said no, but still encouraged me not to give up. I should add here that he has always been a proponent of writing your goals down. He had also started a vision board some time earlier.

dream car

I wasn’t yet a convert, but at that point I decided, ok, let’s give this vision board thing a try. After all, what did I have to lose? So, I went online and I decided to search for the car. Now, I should point out that from age 10 until this point, my dream car was BLACK. This detail is important, so keep it in mind for later. So, as I mentioned, I went searching online for my car to put up on my vision board. I found several and for some unknown reason (God’s voice), I selected and printed out a WHITE car.

I took the printout and stuck it on the vision board that we had and I placed it on the side of my bathtub, so every time I walked into my bathroom I saw it. It sat there for just over a year and every day I would look at and envision that car being mine one day.

During this time, my old faithful car, Betsy, began to show its age. Betsy was about 12 years old at the time and in that last year it had cost me more in repairs than in the previous 10 years combined. It was time to change the car. As my father put it, “time for it to become someone else’s problem”. At this point, my husband said to me, “let’s get you your car”. My response was, “with what?”

Anyway, we decided to look around to see what was out there and how much the car would cost. We visited one dealership and we described what we had in mind. We were looking for a pre-owned vehicle and my deal breaker condition was that the car should not have been owned by a smoker. I am very allergic to smoke. They had nothing on the lot at that time, so they took our information and promised to call us.

A few weeks later, we got a call from the dealership. Someone brought a car in and it exceeded all of our criteria, so they invited us to come and take a look at it and test drive it. We were busy that weekend, so we booked an appointment for the following Tuesday. You can imagine my excitement at this point, a thirty-year-old dream was about to come true. When Tuesday came, I could hardly contain myself. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. The phone rang. It was the sales agent from the dealership calling my husband. I could overhear the conversation and from what I was hearing we would not be going to take a look at and test drive the car after all. I was extremely disappointed.

Unfortunately, when the sales agent inspected the car, he discovered that the previous owner smoked. So, he called my husband to tell him that he should come to see the car (without me) and if he liked it, they would clean it up and then he could bring me to see it and I would never know a smoker had previously owned it. The nerve! Naturally, my husband told him absolutely not! My dream was dashed. A point of note here – that car was blue.

dream car

Disappointed, we decided to be more proactive in the car search and we contacted another dealership. A friend who had previously purchased a car from them referred us to someone there. That person called and asked us what we were looking for and we told him our list of must haves. He said he would check the inventory and get back to us. His final question was do we have a particular colour in mind. At this point I said no, I didn’t care, just not pink.

About a week later, the dealership called. someone brought in a car and if we thought we might want it, we needed to come the next day because it wouldn’t stay long. Before he hung up, he said “oh, by the way, the car is white.” I started to laugh because I knew at that moment that that was going to be my car. Long story short, we bought my dream car and my daughter named it Isabelle. It is the exact car in the picture that I had printed and taped to my vision board more than a year earlier.

dream car

I am now a firm believer in the vision board. I have proven it! The other thing I took away from this experience is the importance of trusting the process and not being hasty – having faith. In Jamaica, there is a saying “what is fi yuh cannot be un-fi yuh”. Loosely translated, it means that you will never not get what you are supposed to get. My car was supposed to be white; the blue car was never intended to be mine.

God’s hand was evident throughout the entire process. I had prepared a spreadsheet (yes, I am that woman) outlining exactly how much we could afford at different price points. The final price, including taxes, fit perfectly into my calculations. Also, we withdrew a large portion of our savings to make a sizeable down payment because we wanted to ensure that the monthly payments were affordable. That year we came into an unexpected windfall, which replaced every penny of the down payment that we had made. We ended up with the car at an affordable monthly payment plus our savings were restored. That is what God’s favour looks like and that is my vision board testimony.



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