Patience in the Process

Patience During the Process

“Patience is a virtue”. It is not possessed by many, myself included. I asked God to give me more patience and He answered my prayer by giving me children. Being a parent teaches patience in a way that not many other things can. Babies are unpredictable, so you have to learn to wait and to adapt very early on.

Technology, which allows everything to be almost instant, has made us more impatient, in my opinion. You can sit on your couch, press a button on your phone and order just about anything you want and it can be delivered almost immediately. However, I truly believe that this ‘instant generation’ is harming us because we have developed unrealistic expectations abut how long things should take.  

Delayed gratification is good for us because we appreciate things more when we have to wait for them or have to put some effort into getting them. Sometimes we won’t get things when we want them and that is ok. Nothing happens before the appointed time. So, rather than become discouraged, we should trust the process and not give up. In a previous post, I shared my personal vision board story about getting my dream car after 30 years. So, I can tell you that just because a dream/goal seems difficult or even impossible doesn’t mean you won’t achieve it, don’t give up.

If you feel like you are just ‘treading water’ – doing everything right but not getting results, know that you are on a journey and there is a valuable lesson at every stage. You are where you are for a reason. One thing in life that is for sure is “nothing lasts forever”, so things will change. Don’t lose hope, keep pushing, keep going. You only fail once you stop trying.

If you are waiting for something and it is out of your control, focus on what you can control instead. Spend your time doing other things that are within your control. Occupy your time and your thoughts. Time passes more quickly when you are busy. “A watched pot never boils” but “time flies while you are having fun”. 

The other thing to consider is, after you have done all you can and you are now waiting to receive what you asked for, are you actually ready to finally receive it? Have you made room for it? Are there things you need to do in preparation? Sometimes we spend so much time focusing on the lack that we don’t make room to receive the very thing we were waiting for.

Finally, when the wait is over, remember to show gratitude for your blessing. Rather than become bitter about how long it took, celebrate your achievement. Most of all, encourage others who are in the process of waiting by sharing your story.


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