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Hi. Today I am going to talk about health and making sure you take care of it. It sounds obvious but it is very easy to let things slide. Please don’t. There is only one you. The pandemic has made accessing healthcare more challenging than it used to be. Many people are reluctant to visit public places, especially places where there are lots of sick people. Many doctors have stopped seeing patients in the office without having a virtual consultation first. This can be frustrating to many patients, who often may just postpone the consultation altogether. However, these delays can be detrimental to your health. Consider the phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. If you think something is wrong, early intervention is better than waiting until things are in dire straits.

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Here are 5 things you can do to take care of your health:

  1. Get regular checks – be sure to schedule your annual check-ups with your doctor. Even if you feel perfectly fine, sometimes there are things lurking just beneath the surface and your annual check-up can unearth them before they become severe. 
  2. Listen to your body -You know your body best. If something feels “off”, listen to it and get it checked. “Better to be safe than sorry”. Sure, you may be busy and think it’s nothing or you don’t have time. But, aren’t you worth the effort? Don’t you deserve to know if something is wrong and to have a chance to feel better?
  3. Get a second opinion – if you receive a medical diagnosis but you don’t seem to be improving with treatment, it is perfectly ok for you to seek a second opinion. Refer to point 2 above. You know your body best and if you are not improving despite receiving treatment, seek  another opinion. You owe it to yourself. Doctors are human and they can make mistakes too, even with the best intentions.
  4. Have an advocate – if you have a serious health crisis, you may not be able to process everything you need to so it is important to have someone who can advocate for you. Someone who can listen to what the doctor is saying, to ask questions and to make sure your interests are being properly communicated. 
  5. Don’t take no for an answer – when it comes to your health, don’t take no for an answer. As a black woman in North America, I am all too aware of the bias in healthcare and how many black women like myself, have died due to doctors not taking their complaints seriously. So, if you know something is wrong, don’t take no for an answer. It is your health and your life, so keep asking until someone takes notice. 

I hope these few tips will help you to stay in the best health possible. Good luck.


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