still small voice

The Still, Small Voice

Today, I want to encourage you to listen to that still small voice that you may hear sometimes. Some people call it intuition or instinct, others call it gut feelings. Regardless of what you call it, it is actually the voice of God. We all should learn to recognize it and obey it. At the very least, it can save you from making wrong decisions and at the very most, it can save your life. Today I am going to share a personal experience. At the time, I didn’t realize what had happened but in retrospect, the situation was very clear. 

When I was in grade 11 in high school, my sister went away to university. She came home for the weekend and made an appointment at the hairdresser for the Saturday afternoon. Although I didn’t need to have my hair done, we both planned to go. Our father was going to drop us off and pick us up afterwards. Saturday came and we got ready to go. For some unknown reason, once we were ready to leave, I just felt that I shouldn’t go. I could not explain it but I decided I wasn’t going to go. 

Naturally, my sister was mad. We had made plans and I cancelled at the last second – just as we were about to walk out the door. She left without me. My mother was also mad at me. She lectured me about being selfish and about disappointing my sister after having promised her I would go. I felt guilty and wondered if my mother was right and I should have gone.

Photo by Dominika Kwiatkowska from Pexels

A few hours later, I was in my room reading and it started to rain lightly. Otherwise, the house was quiet. Suddenly, there was loud banging on the door and I could hear my sister’s voice shouting “open the door, open the door”. My mother and I ran to the door and opened it asking what was wrong. My sister explained that she and my father were on their way home and they were rear-ended by another car, sending my father’s car flying off the road and into the ditch at the side of the highway. Thankfully, both my father and sister escaped without a scratch.

We all rushed from the house down to the highway, which was a short walk away. There, I could see the car, lying almost on its side in the ditch with a huge dent in the trunk. Once I saw the car, I burst into tears. The impact of what had happened hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized in that moment that it was God who had told me not to go with my sister that day. In those days seatbelts were optional and my father’s car had none. My sister told us that when they realized the car was leaving the roadway and heading into the ditch, she and my father grabbed onto each other (there was nothing else they could do). 

Had I been in the car, I would have been in the backseat. I would likely have been seriously injured or killed. That still small voice that told me not to go was there to protect me. I encourage you to pay attention to those promptings in your own daily life. Recognize and obey them. Sometimes your decision will not be popular with those around you but stand your ground. There is a purpose behind it. It is God’s voice and your obedience is important.


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October 10, 2021